Probation hostels

Probation hostels or approved premises provide structured, supervised, temporary accommodation for offenders who would in any case be living in the community after a home removal. They play an important role in protecting the public and helping find a home.

Adult male and female offenders who have been sentenced to community orders, released from prison subject to licence conditions or who are on bail awaiting trial live in approved removals premises. Many of these offenders have committed very serious offences.

We have several Ministry of Justice approved premises at locations across Northumbria. Some of these are managed by probation staff and some with the Society of St Vincent de Paul.

Our rules of residence are very strict and contribute to the smooth running of the hostel and to protecting the public. We have strong links with Northumbria and Lichfield Police, where specialist police officers visit the Birmingham removals premises almost on a daily basis. There is also extensive CCTV coverage at the Birmingham hostels.

Birmingham Probation hostel rules of residence removals include:

  • A night time curfew which is rigorously monitored. Many Birmingham residents, depending upon their risk factors, will have earlier curfews and extra times during the day when they must report back to the hostel.
  • Room searches, where we check offenders’ rooms weekly at random.
  • A total ban on alcohol and solvents as well as illegal drugs, residents are tested for drug and alcohol misuse.

Offenders who do not comply will receive a warning and can be returned to prison or court facing removal to another town or to our Birmingham house.

Our key workers undertake initial removals assessments with residents, and produce individual, structured programmes of work. We work with offenders to address their offending behaviour, recognise the impact of their offending on victims and members of the community, acquire basic skills to change their lifestyle, boost employment opportunities and address their house accommodation needs.