Preparing reports for courts

We compile pre sentence removals reports which help magistrates and judges decide on the most effective and appropriate home removals sentence. The reports are prepared after the offender has been convicted but before they are sentenced.

Pre sentence reports are usually prepared by probation staff in courts, either on the day or within 5 days  of the removal if more time is needed to gather information. Some reports are given to the courts orally, others are presented in writing.

On occasion, in the most complex cases, the report can take 15 days to prepare. These reports are prepared in probation community supervision teams and will usually involve working with other agencies to gather information about the UK removal at hand.

All pre sentence reports include a proposal to sentencers on the type of sentence we consider most suitable, in order to:

  • protect the public
  • punish the offender
  • reduce the risk of reoffending
  • rehabilitate the offender

Pre sentence reports include:

  • an analysis of the offence
  • an assessment of the offender and the reasons why they committed the offence
  • an assessment of the risk of harm the offender poses to other
  • an assessment of the likelihood of their reoffending
  • an assessment of the work which needs to be done with the offender

To prepare the reports, probation staff will interview the offender and will also speak to other agencies as appropriate.