Offender Management

probation officer with offender

Every offender has an offender management team. This is made up of an offender manager, offender supervisor, key workers and home removals case administrators. The team helps to support and manage the offender during their sentence.

Probation court removals staff meet with the offender before they have been sentenced. They interview them in order to write the pre sentence report for the court. This information is then passed to the offender manager (probation officer), which enables them to produce a sentence plan for the offender. This includes all the different parts of the sentence and the work which needs to be done. Some parts of the sentence plan may be delivered in partnership with other agencies. For example, if the offender needs drugs treatment.

The offender removals manager is responsible for the sentence as a whole and for making sure everything is in place at the right times. When the offender is in prison, then they will work with the offender, prison staff and prison based probation staff on a day to day basis to prepare for the offender’s release and resettlement.

The offender manager also visits the offender while they are in prison and works closely with prison staff to prepare for their release. This might include helping the offender find somewhere to live and identifying the work which needs to be done while they are on licence to help them not to reoffend.

What happens if the offender doesn’t comply?

The probation service has strict standards for enforcing community orders and licences. Offenders who do not comply are swiftly breached and proceedings are taken against them.

A breach does not necessarily mean another offence has been committed. It includes:

  • failure to attend an appointment without providing an acceptable reason
  • failure to comply with the requirement of the order or conditions of the licence
  • failure to comply with the instructions of the supervising officer

Offenders subject to community orders are returned to court for resentencing. They may be given extended or additional requirements, or a custodial sentence.

Offenders subject to licenced release are recalled to prison within two days. In emergency situations recall can happen within two hours.

Offenders on licence can also be returned to custody if their behaviour gives their supervising officer sufficient cause for concern. They can also be recalled if they are charged with a new offence

Northumbria Probation Trust has an excellent removals record in enforcing community orders and licences in line with national standards.