Northumbria Probation Trust Board is committed to embracing diversity and equality in every aspect of our removals work.

“Diversity underpins all of our work and goes beyond the legal requirements of the equal opportunities legislation.

Diversity is about recognising, valuing, respecting and celebrating differences between individuals as well as utilising their home removals skills, talents and experiences to the full. It is about accounting for inequalities and disadvantages as well as varying and adjusting the service to meet diverse needs.

We believe this can be achieved through creating a mutual understanding, respect and learning culture based on inclusion, effective cross-cultural communication and a willingness to challenge accepted practices that contribute to meeting the needs of our diverse staff, victims of crime, offenders and all sections of community.”

Northumbria probation diversity statement

We are committed to making our services accessible to all offenders and victims. This includes providing access to interpreters where required, and discussing with offenders any concerns they may have or adjustments they may need for diversity reasons when moving home.

We are an equal opportunities employer and strive to ensure our policies and practices reflect all six diversity strands. We offer a number of staff support groups, where staff are able to access information and advice or enter into discussion with other staff on a range of diversity issues.

We aim to ensure all our staff are aware of diversity issues and this is reflected in their working practice with colleagues, offenders and partner organisations. We provide a range of staff training opportunities to achieve this.

In 2008 we introduced improved diversity monitoring for staff and offenders, helping us to gain greater understanding of the people we work with and the requirements they may have.

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Single Equality Scheme 2012-2015

The scheme sets out how we ensure that our delivery of services and our employment practices are fair, accessible and appropriate for the diverse communities we serve and the people we employ. It outlines how we intend to embed equality and human rights in policy and practice over the next year from April 2012 to March 2013, which is the first year of our three year plan, 2012 – 2015. It builds upon our earlier success as well as accounting for our public sector equality duties introduced under the Equality Act 2010. The Scheme describes how we will meet our duties within the framework of legislation and guidance which governs the work of the Trust.

Equalities data monitoring report scheme 2012-2013

This report should be read in conjunction with Northumbria Probation Trust’s Single Equalities Scheme 2012-15 and, in particular, section 12, SES Performance Framework which sets out a range of specified priorities and improvement activities for removals. The publication of this information is intended to form part of Northumbria Probation Trust’s legislative and NOMS contractual requirements as required by the Public Sector Duty under the Equality Act, 2010.

Information resources pack: protected characteristics

The Equality and Diversity Information Resource allows employees to access useful information on the diverse clients, stakeholders and partners. It provides good practice advice about recognising stereotypes, assumptions and suggests appropriate language and non-discriminatory practice. The resource provides information, guidance and advice about working with, arranging meetings and communicating with people from many of our diverse communities and challenges some of the misconceptions and myths surrounding Age, Disability, Gender Reassignment, Pregnancy and Maternity, Race, Religion or belief, Sex/gender, Sexual orientation, Marriage or civil partnerships.